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Rob Rindfuss


Once upon a time there was a boy named Rob.


Rob was born and raised in Houston, TX until he was 14 when his family moved to Southern Illinois.

After high school, Rob went to college to pursue computer networking. He realized he hated it and switched his major two more times until he settled on Graphic Design, and then promptly dropped out because he didn't try very hard.

Rob started doing freelance graphic design and web design back in 2003, after he decided to go back to college for a semester. He dropped out again because of, like, money and stuff.


Over the course of the next 14 years, he developed his skills in 3D modeling and animation, visual effects, motion graphics, video editing and visual storytelling through film-making. Check out his demo reel here.

He joined The SPIEL in 2015 as an intern and quickly took over as the director and editor of the show.

In 2017 he finally received his Degree in Graphic Design and won over the hearts of everyone in the entire village.

The End

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