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Juli Ingram


Juli was born in Royalton, a small town in Southern Illinois.  She was raised in a Baptist Church, and is now a member of Lone Oak Baptist Church - located in Energy, IL.

Laughter has always gotten her through some tough times.  She loves to laugh, sing off-key harmony to television commercials and eat cereal with heavy whipping cream!

She took her love of singing to a new level when she was asked to sing car jingles for television and radio.  As she dropped a “spot” off at a local radio station, she applied for the weekend opening.


After eighteen years of morning radio, several IBA awards, and working on the ground floor/initial stages of raising over a million dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Southern Illinois, she realized television was where her heart and talent belonged!


She reached out to Angie Wyatt about co-hosting a television show that would not hit on hard news, but showcase many artists’ talents and bring to life amazing backstories of folks living in their own backyard! Angie immediately said “NO!”

Here they are…almost a decade later, doing what they both love.

Juli married her true soul mate, has two children, a bonus daughter, two amazing grandchildren and is living the dream.  God is so good!

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