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Hunter Franklin

Videographer / Photographer

Ever since he was little, playing around with his dad’s old VHS camcorder, he fell in love with capturing life’s moments.


On March 29, 2017 at approximately 2:30pm he purchased his first camera. He got frustrated at times, but never quit. His love for taking photos and videos only grew.


Whether it be traveling the world or right in his little home town, he loves to find ways to express himself and others around him with his camera.

During the past few years he has been practicing his craft of taking photos and videos while working with some amazing people. He flew to San Francisco with his best friend to film and edit a complete T.V. show, created and managed social media accounts for STACK’d Supplements and MuscleForce, made commercials for Country Finanacial Representatives, and created a video for a hotel… just to name a few!



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