With a desire to see children, and adults, eat their vegetables, the Healthy Hippie Chef is a regular contributor to the SPIEL w/ Angie & Juli. She can also be seen on the Today Show, Dr. Oz and on Julie & Friends on the TCT Network.


In a newly released cookbook, “Groovy Grub”, the Healthy Hippie Chef encapsulates life lessons. The melting pot of recipes are meaty enough for a man, yet light enough for a lady and yummy for youngsters.


Her motto is GRUB & GROOVE, meaning Eat & Move! The Healthy Hippie Chef encourages us to get the kids in the kitchen, starting a tradition they won’t soon forget. She says children are like flowers, after planting them in nutritious soil, it’s important to help them develop a good root system, remove the weeds in their lives, surround them with wholesome things, and water them often!


No one likes to be hungry, and with the Healthy Hippie Chef, you won’t be.  She wants everyone to

come together and celebrate life over a great meal.  Have “table talk” at mealtime and say grace. 

Kiss the cook and share a smile!   Get your grub on and NEVER, EVER forget to dance!


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