Our sponsors provide the SPIEL w/ Angie & Juli an opportunity to reach out to a variety of audiences with important information (good-news stories) capable of positively impacting lives. In addition, the show provides a platform for you to share your message through traditional or stealth advertising. In today's competitive marketplace, businesses like yours are looking for an advantage over your competitors, we’ve been told the show and Growing Media – the production company responsible for the show- provide that platform. 


Broadcast in 5 Midwestern States and broadcast to nearly 1M viewers, KBSI (FOX23) is just one outlet in which your messaging is shared with audiences. SPIELOn.com provides a global outreach – as the show streams and is available online for everyone to see.


Our marketing team looks for companies with a solid history and strong brand image that we can get behind, that we can promote and share with consumers. Furthermore, our goal is to offer a wide variety of opportunities for people and businesses to get involved (customized packages are available). 


Sponsorship Opportunities: Would you like to sponsor a segment? There are a variety of ways to showcase your company and products through one of our segments. Segment hosts know how to promote products and services in a natural way. For more information, visit each Segment page to learn about how you can work with the hosts. 




Banner Ads:

Customizable Packages: 


If your company meets the criteria outlined, let’s begin to explore this mutually beneficial relationship, please contact Growing Media Inc. Partner, Angie Wyatt at Angie@SPIELOn.com .