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Long-time News Anchor now Entertainment TV Show Host Angie Wyatt

Angie Wyatt


With material appearing on CSPAN, CNN, CourtTV, CBS, NBC, ABC, and cohost of a long standing TV Show on FOX Affiliate KBSI, Angie Wyatt and her team at Growing Media are content creators specializing in video and show production, graphic design, animation, media buying, social, and digital marketing management.

Founder of Growing Media, a Marketing/ Ad Agency, Angie shares insight into effective storytelling and brand building through video captured first hand. The experiences afforded her company have taken teams of videographers/ editors/ producers to South America, atop a few mountains in remote regions, deep inside the Amazon Jungle, and most recently to the middle of the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska's Bristol Bay. Some of the most memorable interviews include Maya Angelou, Charlie Daniels, Tommy Lasorda, and countless new music and film stars. 

Angie has been recognized several times by the Emmy Board of Governors for her visual storytelling. She has given of her time and resources to organizations including CASA, Rotary, and has judged in both the Miss Universe and Miss America Pageant systems.

A published children's book author & character creator, Angie looks for fun in life and isn't afraid of a challenge. The SPIEL has afforded Angie, Juli, & the entire team countless new relationships that will only grow in goodwill-as the segments are captured for all to enjoy.

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